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Patriot Electric is an authorized dealer and installer of Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Heating Equipment and has completed factory training to install, sell and service all Steffes heating equipment. Patriot Electric was called upon to install the first Steffes boiler in the Town of Concord, MA on Williams Road.


We have been in business for 28 years with our office located on Bradford Street in West Concord, MA. We are fully insured and carry a staff of fully trained electricians and offer 24/7 service to all of our customers. We include one year warranty on parts and labor with all of our installations.

What is ETS Heating?


Electric Thermal Storage or ETS, is a heating system that heats up bricks, inside a boiler, furnace or room heater when the cost of electricity is low during off-peak hours. It then releases the heat 24 hours a day as needed and distributes it throughout your home as needed. ETS is a green-heating system that does not emit any heating emissions out your chimney. ETS heating systems only use what electricity  is needed to heat your home by the use of an outdoor sensor so no energy is wasted.

Why Choose Steffes ETS Heating?


  • Electric Service Upgrades, Including Underground Installation
  • Steffes is a green-heating source
  • Steffes is endorsed by Concord Light Department
  • Steffes has been manufacturing heating equipment for over 25 years
  • They offer 24/7 technical support to factory trained installers
  • Steffes heating is designed to take advantage of off-peak electric rates and renewable energy sources
  • Pay Back Time: Avg. 3 to 6 years


ETS Heating Applications


The following applications show how Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems can help to keep your home warm and your mind at ease in the cold New England months.


Room Heaters

  • Room Additions
  • Strategically place one to three heaters throughout house to help buffer your existing heating system
  • Can be used to heat entire home


Hot Water Boilers 

  • Replacement of old equipment
  • New Construction
  • Works with hydronic baseboard, radiant floor heat, hydro/air system


Hot Air Furnace

  • Replacement of old equipment
  • New Construction
  • Works with existing or new A/C system

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